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tongue and sucking on each others language. Paul soon had my tits and sucked my big sensitive nipples and I cry in pain and pleasure, we have tried to enter the rear of the car, but Paul simplyvids took me on the side of the car and lifted her simplyvids dress up, began to feel my pussy, he had his hand on my underwear and began to finger, which was bloody cold and I still had my boobs hanging out of her dress and playful and undo his pants and slid on the floor, he said, and which in turn black underwear down. I left them and took simplyvids his ass to him, told me to bend over and he slid his cock into me from behind. I began to fuck, that was cold blood, as he slid in and out simplyvids of my pussy. I loved my middle and ran his hands over my legs, simplyvids as he fucked me. I could feel the cold air on my pussy as his cock rammed my juices ran me in my leg and my half, I am expanding to Paul Hahn and shot his sperm inside me. I forgot the cabbaged for 2 seconds, while I was full, it slipped my cock and we have in the back of the car, my nipples, which hurt me because of the cold, Paul sucked some life in them. I paid for and leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked his cock started getting hard again, so I sucked and sucked and masturbated until it explodes in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and then gave Paul a kiss, stuck her tongue down his throat. I let Paul and went home, my husband was in bed, but was still awake, I wondered what the hell he was until he said he did not know. He tried, cool with me, but I said no, no, for what you do tonight. I told him it really bothered me. Hubby was not happy when I took off my dress, and bearing little black underwear. I put on my PJ turned around and went to bed and fell asleep. Paul met again on Wednesday the week before Christmas and ended up making love to me and filled me with his sperm, my husband had made me and my husband fuck me that night and told me I was soaked, ( thought I was wet for it) Christmas and I had worked all Hubby cooked dinner and cooked the turkey, which had a tea later, it was a great day. I was Boxing Day and back to work. My husband simplyvids fuck Boxing Day morning. I returned to work, but became ill in the winter vomiting bug and was sick, nausea, my husband did simplyvids all he cared for me, I fed and looked after me, made ​​dinner, wash and dry the dishes washed, dried towels made beds, tied up, dust and ironing sheets. I realized what a good person, my husband, he never complained or complained of did not want to go drinking with friends, but kept looking at me. I was transferred for 5 days and returned to work, but doss fire started immediately and need more time to work, my husband cares more, and do all the housework again lucky that was still on their Christmas holidays. The New Year was approaching and I was still sick and could not leave yet, but on Sunday I felt much better. I did not need to
Quotes eturn to work until Tuesday, because I change my schedule, so we arranged to meet Paul. I took Paul to his usual place and walked to the seating area for coffee but the coffee was not there going, so we just talked in the car. The next thing that moves a car behind us and I am the mirror, shit, it was my husband. I left the car and my husband was there, I said what are you doing here, "he said, what the hell you're here. He started screaming and started fucking jacket and shirt and told Paul, my wife can now come and have sex with me. Paul is not out of the car, so walking around my husband and opened the door and tried and tried to get Paul out of the car, Paul was in his life. so my husband just moved then he opened the front passenger seat Gary, he sat a couple of times and there was no blood all over, I called Gary to stop, but he met Paul a few times. Paul was covered in blood, was bleeding from simplyvids the mouth and nose. I managed to calm Gary and out of the car. He said he was about it for a few months and my car has been known to follow the last few weeks and needed a test before I faced. He said nothing was wrong and helped us just friends with a chat and a coffee with me and Paul to the problems in our marriage. Gary laughed and said, pull the other. He knew he had done a few weeks ago and Wednesday before Christmas. Gary told me it was over, I said I love you, but Gary just ignored my request, I asked Gary, I have a chance yet, but he told me, fuck you, because I bitch and whore fraud was sucking cock. has keys to my car and house keys and eliminates all went through my wallet and pulled out all of our joint credit / debit card. He just broke it, I tried to appeald with it, but did not know and told me that was a bitch and do not deserve it. got in the car and left, Paul was still bleeding in the car, gave me some tissue to help clean up. Paul took me to the nearest supermarket, and went to clean the teachers themselves. o I did not know, has to do, Paul said he was among us and I do not want to see. I let Paul and went home. Gary met me at the door and handed me a bag full of towels and told me to fuck off again, I told him I love him, he had only said a shit how to treat their loved ones can take up the ass . He closed the door and left me there. I do not know where to go, so with my older brother, who decide to stay in their own lives. I love my husband, can not be the best lover in the world, but it was a great man and gives me everything I needed, he took care of me and I love it. I tried to call, text message, but does not return my calls. Thiswill prove only to be able to Shagging have advantages, but also at the end of a relationship that is in me fuck simplyvids any woman to learn about the consequences and what could be lost if your partner found out that, advice. at 4 months, I'm committed to my husband, whom I love I never do again. Please leave any advice or comments. Thank you Tracy xxxx


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I got home simplyvids from my weekend with my dear Paul, and was unpacking my husband came and saw all my thongs sexy in my case, I quickly grabbed and put in the washing machine before I could examine. I said I would have bought the store in Bath, and the girls I had to use them. I went to see my lover simplyvids simplyvids every week, and Paul fucked me and fills me with his sperm, once I came home late and climbed the stairs to the bathroom to get rid of all the guts Paul that made ​​my pussy licked . I arrived at the location was on the toilet with my bright blue thong around her ankles and my husband and saw the tape and looked at me and apologized and left, closing the door behind him. I went downstairs after I would have forced Paul sperm out of me and I told my husband that I feel sexy this morning and hung up. He called for a flash so I opened my jeans and my thong flash her ​​, simplyvids he asked that I could put my teeth, I said, canbe later. Later, the garage of my husband and I took the opportunity to run and get simplyvids into simplyvids the bath was, I admitted to myself. simplyvids End of my husband love me and told me it was very wet tonight. On another occasion, the text of Paul and said : No jeans or underwear, I noticed Paul as usual in a long skirt and tight top can be shown, fuck me in the back of the car and , top, skirt and tits crumbs. My relationship with Paul was great, but my marriage was dying. Again after an argument with my husband and I told him I wanted to be alone, but not enough courage to leave. arrived before Christmas and it was easy simplyvids to find excuses for my beloved shopping, Christmas and going out for drinks with my colleagues. Paul birthday was Sunday, and I told my husband that a group of us wanted to drink. I would create a new gray sheath dress, and bought the night. I put on hold until mid - knee boots and sexy see through black lingerie. My husband told me I could love me when I got home, I said fsee go. The new me was easy and took a few pictures of me in my new dress, which even allowed to lift her dress simplyvids and a picture of my stockings and sexy black lingerie. (I just picture this in the female part is loaded ) But when I left the house of my husband, I tried to follow, and I stopped the car and asked what the hell was there, he mumbled an apology and said which was to deliver the Christmas cards. I told him to fuck off and not follow me or others. It took me a while and made sure that it is not for me. I caught my boyfriend Paul, and we went to our secret bar and had a great meal. I told Paul that I moved smoothly on your birthday, when I was about to take Paul met me later. After dinner I went to our secret rest, while Paul was driving his own and all my legs and fingers in my pussy. We have reached our resting place, and stopped car, Paul appeared in almost kissed me and every other face snogged, anti